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In the Hague, a couple of years ago, I wanted to buy a pack of chewing gum.
So I went to the nearest shop. The pack costed 1€ and I had only 0.98€ on me. After asking the salesman for directions to the nearest ATM, he told me that it was to be found at the train station, on 15 minutes walking distance.
It took me 20 minutes to get there. At the station, I withdrew some money from the ATM. Not far from the ATM a newspaper stand was selling the same chewing gum as in the first shop, but it costed 0.95 €.


Back home, pavements are narrow.

Today there was a ladder leaning against the wall, located at 2 or 3 meters of my front door. The bottom of the ladder was leaning on the edge of the sidewalk. If you wanted to stay on the sidewalk, you needed to pass under it.  As it is presumed to be a sign of bad luck, I hesitated shortly, but finally I decided to pass under it. I am not superstitious enough to take a little detour on the road.

A few minutes later, at the checkout in the supermarket, the cashier made a mistake and gave me 10extra. I said nothing and left with it.

In the end, walking under the ladder brought me luck. Even though the phenomenon worked in an opposite manner with me, I decided not to pass under the ladder again. I felt that it would cancel the good fate caused by the first pass. So on my way back home, I planned to walk on the road. A taxi was parked just in front of my door and the ladder, leaving me with one meter of free road. A little while before reaching the ladder and the taxi, a scooter occupied that one meter of free road, forcing me to go back on the sidewalk and walk under the ladder.





In November 2013 in a bar in Vilnius, I met a girl named Marija. We got along quite well and we went to her place.
The day after, I didn't wear my contact lenses so I was seeing everything blurry. I had to rush out of her home because some people came to do some work on her flat. We never saw each other again.

3 months later, during another short stay in Vilnius, I met another girl in the same bar. We got along quite well and we finally went to her place.
On the way to her place, I said to her that I knew the street. I already went there.
"You know Vilnius very well."
"Not that well, but I know that I went through this street already once before."
We continued and came to a crossroad, where the sense of déjà vu was persisting. I expressed it.
Just after that, we came to a square with some kind of giant egg as a sculpture. I remember well that I had passed there 3 months before with the other girl, and that we had crossed the square diagonally.
So, for fun, I asked the present girl if we should cross the square diagonally.
She said "It doesn't matter, but yes, it's that direction".
I started to find it strange. I didn't spend a lot of time in Vilnius (ten days) and I didn't walk around that much. Nor did I meet a lot of girls in my life that would invite me to their place. So I found it quite strange to walk two times in the same street for the same kind of reason. It's quite a funny coincidence. The reality in front of my eyes corresponded to that event, recorded in my memory, 3 months before.
A bit excited by the game I asked her "Now we will take the next small street on the right?"
At that moment she started to change her behavior. She took some distance or seemed to be uncomfortable. I do not remember if it's before or after this moment that I mentioned that I had an affair in one of these streets. But in any case, at that moment she understood that I had had an affair with a girl in this small street on the right.
She knew someone who lives in that street.
I asked her if the first letter of the name of that person is an "M".
She took her distance by walking faster than me and said: "No! Impossible! I will not have sex with you!"
At this moment we crossed 2 people that she knew, with whom she spoke one or two minutes.
After they left, she explained to me that her best friend (and neighbor) lives there, and that she can't have sex with somebody who had sex with her best friend. And then she asked me: "is it you who didn't wear his contact lenses and therefore could not see? And who had to rush out because some people came to do some work on the flat?"
It was the strangest moment ever.
We went back to the bar where we met, and drank one more beer to get over our emotions.


Since quite a long time, many years, perhaps, I am used to wearing my hair in a somewhat rising strand of hair from left to right.

Today I went to get my picture taken (in a photo booth), and I noticed that the picture was reversed horizontally. My hair looked less nice like that. I think it was because of this strand of hair that went from rising (in real life) to descending (on the photos). It broke the dynamic optimism of my image.

At first, I thought the photo booth manufacturers accidentally reversed the pictures. I understood later that the pictures correspond to reality; to what everyone sees (everyone but me), and that my image in the mirror is reversed horizontally.